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Crafting the Concept and Customer Experience

is how we enrich our brands and franchise concepts to ensure their originality and brand context. We take the word “Authentic” with a capital A very seriously. It makes the difference when you have concepts that revolve on an experience, a journey into the brands roots, its originality of where it came from, what it delivers, and what makes it distinctive from other brands.

OH spends a substantial amount of time crafting the customer experience from the moment they enter any of our concepts ensuring each visit is as memorable as the last.


Our concepts are not originated by chefs or designers, they are real representations of different culinary journeys from different parts of the world. When we look at a cuisine, we study the roots and we magnify the details, we fly our team to experience and observe. This is what defines our operational philosophy, delivering quality concepts with one success at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Award winning brand development

We specialize in creating brands that revolve around the customer experience, unique, and innovative.

Global expertise, local knowledge

Our reach extends deeply in the markets we operate in, we are a common face with a personalized approach.

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Direct access to capital investment

We provide capital investment to our F&B concepts and franchise partners when required.

Unparalleled track record

Our successful track record of proven F&B concepts has put us at the forefront of the competition.

always out, never in

“ Recognition from the market made possible
only by the dedication and hard work of our team ”